Self Leadership Vs Self Government

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February 18, 2019
Journey from zero
March 4, 2019

In the last few days, I have been in deep thoughts on leadership in Nigeria, the concept of followership and the million faces of leadership types, personality, characteristics and purposes that we have conjured in our minds and how same mind has created limitations in content, modes and styles.

We keep looking for that one man who will make a big difference and huge impact. So much fuss about who fits the bill! So much arguments, justification and conflict of interests fill the media. While I had my personal preference based on my values and was dogged irrespective of others perception. I also know that we don’t need one man! We need people, we need everyone, not some people! Everyone willing to offer their strategic contributions.

Now that we have all cast our votes and we await the results, waiting patiently for peace … remember the result will not be a miracle, but one or combination of factors : either of strategy actions taken by majority of people or majority actions taken by strategic people.

We are products of what we do and what we allow.

But let’s face real life and come back to us; life will not pause because of Nigerian national calendar so the real first level of leadership is Self leadership, with a vision for Self and taking responsibility. Too many people outsource this replacing with alliances, sense of entitlement, heap of disappointments, bang of disaster desiring and waiting for others to help.

Leading YOU will create a flux and field. It will be an internal meter to direct, explore, focus, guide and gauge. Whatever becomes of the Nigerian election while believing the best; your aspirations, dreams, hopes, personal needs and responsibility will still exist waiting to be explored and unleashed.

So face your personal government and run your life!

God bless Nigeria. . .

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