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Career Clinic

This is a FREE weekly online engagement platform and helpline for questions and answers on everything career:

  • Career initiation and employability: This is open to young people (undergraduate and graduating students) with focus on personal development, grooming and employability.
  • Career advancement and capacity building for professionals
  • Career switch for professionals who desire to change from one profession to another or their passion; also for those who desire a side hustle with their 9 – 5 job.

The FREE helpline service holds on Thursdays weekly. Questions are sent via the link below and responses will stream in between 12 noon and 3 pm. Call 09035769944 for enquiries.

Career/Business Coaching

This is personalized, intensive one-on-one coaching session for individuals who desire to clarify and discover their competencies in starting a career or business. The focus is to equip them to unleash their potentials. Before you think growth, START! So, the focus is on IGNITING to START SOMETHING intentionally and with a guide.

Many young people have achieved clarity and intentional guide in their career options, employability and enterprise or business development while professionals have benefited from career advancement, capacity building platform, career diversification and career switch especially for those needing to build a side hustle or switch from 9 – 5 job to their passion.

Click on the link below to schedule a session

Career Bootcamp

Career Bootcamp is a capacity building online platform for graduating students of tertiary institutions just before their graduation. The objective of the career Bootcamp is to contribute to the reduction of unemployment, underemployment and unemployability by inspiring, empowering and impacting the Nigerian youth in career and enterprise development through knowledge sharing and capacity building. The Bootcamp is facilitated by the collaborative effort of a“think thank” of professionals and youth enthusiast running for three months on Whatsapp.

The focus of the bootcamp for the graduating students includes grooming, self-discovery, soft skills, interviewing skills, employability, ideation, enterprise development and streams of capacity building opportunities which will run in batches. After three months of capacity building, participants are expected to have garnered adequate capacity, inspiration and knowledge to begin a career or an enterprise journey.

Participation is strictly by registration. Click the link below to register or call 09035769944 for enquiries.


A learning system for a growing system is highly recommended for startups. Good learning attitude and management is a leverage for organizational success. Training, learning and development is a critical factor for business owners, SMEs and MSMEs to create a sustainable organization. Bluechip organizations who are already structured invest a fortune in capacity building for growth and development of employees and the institution at large; Startups cannot afford to run on same to build a formidable institution.

The target for capacity building and training programs are SMEs, MSMEs and Startups. I recognise that learning has to be adaptable and progressive for organizations and also startups. Building an inspired team, creating an enabling environment and building for growth is what I am about. Offering in-house bespoke training sessions following needs analysis on soft skills, targeted people and process development for startups. Programs are geared towards team building, people management, process design, personal and organizational development for optimum performance. The objective is to help optimise available resources and give room to attract opportunities for growth.

Please send an email to training@bankysanya.com or call 09035769944 for enquiries. View 2019 training module using the link below.

Process-Up Program

The core is in initiating startups: the strategy to start, setting up, process design, system building, staffing, onboarding and capacity building

Every startup, business and ideas start out with so much activities craving attention with minimal resources – time, finances and people; staffing, job planning, building customer base, core service or product delivery, quality control, office set-up, interior decor, creating a brand to generating revenue. While all these run in the forefront, I help to set up backend structure and processes in running an office and a sustainable system that can make the organization run seamlessly with clearly defined and assured standards and culture of excellence. Staff strength or size is not a barrier as I recognise that most startups start with lean size. Process-Up program guides in building a structured and accountable system which will go a long way to speed up the progress of the budding organization.

HRIS & Technology Solutions

Technology driven solutions are designed to ease and simplify Human Resource functions and processes in an automated, seamless and most effective way on scale-basis. HRIS and systems automation for employee information, leave management, performance management, payroll administration and etc. is deployed by our partners on scale-based specification to meet recurrent and strategic people needs of the growing business.

Use the link below to send me a message or call 09035769944 for enquiries.

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