May 27, 2018
Good Is Not Great. . .
May 29, 2018

Here is my story, I need your counsel:
Swimming freely and all alone catching fun in a fleshy comfy spacious tub. Everywhere dark save for the reflection of the thick slippery fluid from which life is sucked. With my eyes permanently closed, I rocked, rolled and basked in the rythmic flow of the thick ‘life fluid’, swaying back and forth in a fun way singing to self and roaming without limits. Occasionally, I feel vibes and surge, I hear loud sounds and I feel pressure when I’m pressed hard and I don’t have any option than to kick back in defence. I feel a moan outside of the tub, I simply chuckle and move on. My eyes tightly closed, I remained oblivion to days as it rolls into weeks and then into months as date does not exist in my world until suddenly the fleshy, all cushioned and watery medium I have been suspended in have become all slippery with the horse of the tub opened, alas! Disaster looming, I found myself rolling, squeezing, rolled up and down in an unusual and uncomfortable manner. I scream for help as I’m suddenly thrown out of my comfort zone! The rhythmic unsung songs suddenly came to an end with a painful wriggling through a hole and a slippery tunnel; after much struggle, I found myself muddled up; breathless and near helpless, as if that was not enough, I finally found myself captured by hands of waiting creatures – huge looking creatures, they gat hands, eyes, head, they even have legs! Their hands, lips, heads and legs moving up and down in calculated motion! All looking mean and fierce! But, wait!? What or who are they? What do they want from me?
Hmmm. . ., they must be wicked!😫, first they cut my rope, I choked, screamed and cried yet it doesn’t seem they heard me, then they touched me, dont know what for?! They’ve been poking me ever since! Since they captured me, I have not been the same again, I’m I a slave now? Anybody knows what will happen to me after now? I’m I safe here? Should I go back? Should I stay? Have you ever been in my shoes? Uwheeen. . . Uwheeen. . .Uwheeen. . .
Here is the narrative of a newborn.


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