The Flipside of Motivation
December 3, 2018
Run YOU like an institution🤳
January 28, 2019

It’s a Monday and its Day 7 already in 2019. . .
And the spirit of poetry is upon me this day. . .

We want to grow
We want to blow
We desire success
We desire progress
All we need is to Start
All we need is to Act

The first step to growth is starting
The first step to starting is doing
The first step to doing is writing
The first step to writing is thinking
The only step to thinking is starting

Starting and growing are connected by lines of doing and learning

Becoming great is not a destination. . .

Bamike Fadipe

Just like an aeroplane taking off from the tarmac: it requires a lot of activity, energy, the noise, the revving, the vibrations, discomfort and with so much staggering and imbalance but eventually it lifts up and rides mid air. We only appreciate the aeroplane when its air borne, forgetting the duration and intensity of initial struggles.

The Starting of anything at all is always a major hurdle and many times rough and uncertain but it definitely indicates a major landmark for success story. Starting requires a lot of driving, putting together, winding, processing, juggling and so much discomfort!

The enemy of starting is “not enough”! Some of the “not enough” syndromes are:
– not enough funds to start a business;
– time to start a business, to study, research and learn;
– expertise to build a career, do great stuffs;
– knowledge to start a project;
– experience to get a job!
Instead of the “not enough” bug to roam, activate the “just enough” and always remember this quote –

“You don’t have to be great to START, but you must START to be GREAT”
Zig Ziglar

Cheers to 2019 😘

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