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November 11, 2016
Walking tough on the rough patch
November 25, 2016
Days are gone by and seconds keep ticking away and so just like that, another year is gone! That was my cranky way of viewing this time of the year when it seems like the year suddenly becomes shorter and so much still requiring attention. For goals penned down, that have become forgotten, pushed back or not even in existence any longer and for the ‘head plans’ i.e. plans and tasks in our minds that are so active yet behind schedule.
The pathway of life can often be a lonely one especially when success is still a destination ahead and the current hustle and bustle seems like a hurdle. When we converse with self and soul sinks into the caves of reality rather than the daunting future. When safety and security connotes hiding from self and reality of self!
One of my favorite book is Zig Ziglar’s “How to stay up up up in a down down world“. When I read the book for the first time, the world wasn’t this down! Right now, I feel the whole world is at the lowest and also at the highest point of entropy and I’m wondering if really things have gotten better since 12 years when I first stumbled on the book. I’ve come to embrace the reality that oftentimes, many situations and issues will not change their form, the real change is animated change, deliberate and internal change, oftentimes start with the invisible and intangible part of us. We have to keep reinventing ourselves in adjusting to the highly dynamic changes around. 
Year in, year out, this December consolation of better years are ahead comes up seemingly to wash all the sins of the outgoing year away and to make one feel good about outstanding dreams, goals and aspiration! Yes, I’ve felt like this countless times when it seems dreams, hopes and aspirations have gone ‘awol’. But I’ve learnt and I’m learning fast to master how to hope on hope and how to stay glued on it. It’s not exactly a predictable expedition with a predetermined map.
Before you throw in the towel, be assured that the hope destination is certain even if timing remains a variable. Hope is a class where you learn the rudiments of been alive to life and living sometimes is like an art, you draw it in your own way, at your pace and on your terms and every such artwork gives it’s unique meaning and message.
You simply keep getting better, one victory irrespective of size strengthens muscle for the next and so the cycle continues.
To snap out of the monologue with self in the hurdles of life, compare reality with future picture and face self with hard truth that no one can tell; identify the bridge that can link both reality and the future! The missing pieces for fulfillment and achievements are hidden in the art of doing. Even if the hurdle keeps being miles away from the desirable, keep keeping on. Sustain enthusiasm, be positive. Either you start what you need to or do what you need to start; Either you do what you love or love what you do! Whichever way just get on the doing lane and keep hope against hope!
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