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Someone once said new month greetings is overrated, like every new month you must make some greetings and prayers. Like we have become event conscious, whether social, public, national holiday, the first day of a year, a new month, new weekday an event. The activities before such days, events or occasions are hyped with salutations, emotions and so many encomiums and the days after such days thereafter might just be like every other days. Do you think greetings for days and events are overrated? I really will love to know your views.

So deliberately I am not saying any greeting about the new month of July until I get your sincere feedback 🤔 Not a threat oh! Me?! I no fit! I just want to know what views to follow.

While we are at it, let me share my weekend experience and all that my eyes saw: It is almost like a given that the weekends have been dedicated for social events – Friday, Saturday, Sunday, I’m wondering why too🤔. Need I take you through the typical owanbe events and the kind of “investment” – the energy, effort and resources that are expended on this. It is regular to perceive this as a weekly affair as our weekends have been zoned as owanbe days.

This past weekend, I was at a wedding ceremony of a dear sister and while I sat in the beautifully decorated hall for the 2-days ceremony in the midst of a luxurious ambience, the glitz and glam of the occasion, the calibre of the guests, the fashion and style trend, the sumptuous meals and the sequenced buzzing of people’s voices and the banter. All I kept seeing was money, commerce, transactions, exchange and all.

All through the event, my eyes were turning on their own seeing opportunities webbed in our culture, lifestyle, fashion and how same have been sanely disrupted creating an entire business line within an industry. Fashion, entertainment, creative art, catering were all represented.

A friend asked me how much I think the Master of Ceremony would have earned, we started the fuscussion, I suggested a range based on assumption and baseline of the MC’s contemporary. We discussed further the peculiarity of the events planning and management industry: noting how dynamic and open the industry is. It is an open market; there is no regulation on pricing, every man for himself. We concluded that self-confidence, exposure, network and leverage are all players in charting a great pathway.

Well, whether we like it or not, we will keep having events and this investment will continue in cycles. So to those whose interests, skills and passion intersect in this arena who also have opportunities in this regard, find your place and voice and challenge every day to be different, directed, focussed and targeted.

Hope you find this helpful? Kindly give feedback 👇

Feel free to share your thoughts, opinions, feedbacks and comments below 👇

With Love ✍

~ Olubamike


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Work For Who❓

A greater part of daily life goes into having a job, work, vocation, career or business. Whether working for someone, self employed, waiting to get a job or start a business, the preoccupation is very active towards getting a job, keeping or advancing on the job.

Have you ever thought about this: if you have a job, all that will matter is to keep the job, get a better job and advance to the peak point. Same rule applies if you run a business, you will hustle to gain customers, gain leads, make sales and gain competitive advantage to achieve a profitable business. On the flipside, if you are yet to get a job, you keep applying, seeking opportunities, networking and pushing hard! Until that singular goal is achieved, we see and rate ourselves differently.

To a large extent we define ourselves by what we do ~ our job, work, vocation, career or business and by where we do it. We also measure our performance and success in life with the rewards and returns that our jobs or endeavour offers. By implication, this part of life cannot be shoved aside or ignored as it affects livelihood and survival.

As critical as this aspect of life is, there are parts for us to follow but many parts are not in our total control – your job will be directed by the Management of the organization, marketforces, policies and the superiors in their diverse variants. The workplace can be tough and many issues staring us in the face. What do we then do to get the best of our working life and not be at the mercy of others? Sometimes you can choose, other times you don’t have that privilege. Do you then ask yourself who do I really want to work for? The answer is Work for yourself!!

Yes, you heard me! Work for yourself!!
The best mode to be on the job whether on your business as an entrepreneur or as an employee: wear the cap of working for yourself striving to have personal results, seeing every opportunity as a step forward and every challenge as capacity building. When you work for yourself, your attitude and disposition changes.

This week I challenge you to WORK FOR YOURSELF and see the difference in your attitude and results.🎯✍

Feel free to share and repost.

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