Cracking The Career Versus Business Code

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I saw a post attributed President Uhuru Kenyatta but Nigerian Reno Omokri is protesting to being the author…

If you really love your children, get a business, not a job, because when you die, your children cannot inherit your job, but they can definitely inherit your business. . . Go home and think of a business idea”

Well, whoever is the author, the lesson remains the same.

Summary: A job and career versus a business; job is not transferable but business or investment is. The post got me thinking deeply and it played out actively in my mind as I learnt of the tragic demise of a former colleague. As sad and sorrowful as everyone will be, the organization will still have to offer services that day and thereafter! The reality is that the vacant position will soon need to be filled! It’s a sad reality that HR professionals and employers have to go through. We cry and thereafter do what we need to do! Sadly!

I do not see jobs and business as opposite of each other or extremes as it has been painted, rather I see them as complementing each other. I believe building entrepreneurial abilities, capacities, muscle and streams of income while on a job comes highly recommended!

The best time to build something different or to diversify is while you are fluid and optimal with abilities, energy, ideas, passion, skills and resources. I have listened to many people needing permissions to start something and waiting for the best time. Permissions from bosses? From spouse? From friends? From who again?

To employers who frown at this? Still wondering why though? A guideline, policy or system that helps employees declare their side engagements without discrimination can be established instead of creating unwritten codes and “No Biz Zone”. As the employee what can you do to avoid misunderstanding? There is no one answer fits all. You need to understand your employer and the style. In some settings it might pass that you will approach the HRM and inform formally or informally, other times you might need to watch the tide.

Many people express how the nature of their jobs will not permit building a business at all and I am quick to offer building a family business as the direct alternative for the married especially in these days of steep performance appraisals, scarce unemployment, job insecurity, paycut, employers owing salaries, death of business owner and the list is endless.

The charge is when will you take that move?! Its costlier when life happens before you start thinking of thinking to start!

The last few months has taught me more that the best time to build a system for more is in the time of great harvest! When lean season comes, it might be rough and tough but you have backups (story for another day)!The job for the future is the one you create now!

✍With Love ✍
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Olubamike Fadipe August 19, 2019 0 Comments

Greener or Different Pasture❓

I always find myself in emotional conversations with gainfully employed folks who seem tired, stalled or frustrated seeking different or greener pastures. To folks outside, their job is the dream job while to them, it’s no longer the dream job, it has become a chore and no longer meeting their current needs. It can be tough seeing people who have earned accolades and respect on one aspect of life suddenly feeling dissatisfied and helpless on another plane. They feel nothing short of unsuccessful until they are able to crack the transition.

Success then seems like the next thing to lay hold on asides every other thing achieved irrespective of the size. We unconsciously assume that success has a particular look🤔. We expect success to be universal, to be what is familiar, we desire success to happen for us as it happened for other people we have seen, just like it is for our friends, siblings, mentors, colleagues and it keeps disappointing us!!

For most people, success is believed to be hidden in greener pasture while for some others, all they need is a different pasture. The path of seeking and desiring bigger and greater things can be as daunting and as scary. You become restless, uncomfortable and sometimes helpless until there is a way out.

Food for thought today;
The long-awaited success, is it a destination or a journey?

Is it a like a cloak to wear or a covering to cover self with?

Is your next greener or different pasture really the next success?

What’s your next success level?

And the next question: will you identify success the day you finally meet it?

Feel free to share your thoughts, opinions, feedbacks and comments below 👇

✍With Love ✍
~ Olubamike


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Work For Who❓

A greater part of daily life goes into having a job, work, vocation, career or business. Whether working for someone, self employed, waiting to get a job or start a business, the preoccupation is very active towards getting a job, keeping or advancing on the job.

Have you ever thought about this: if you have a job, all that will matter is to keep the job, get a better job and advance to the peak point. Same rule applies if you run a business, you will hustle to gain customers, gain leads, make sales and gain competitive advantage to achieve a profitable business. On the flipside, if you are yet to get a job, you keep applying, seeking opportunities, networking and pushing hard! Until that singular goal is achieved, we see and rate ourselves differently.

To a large extent we define ourselves by what we do ~ our job, work, vocation, career or business and by where we do it. We also measure our performance and success in life with the rewards and returns that our jobs or endeavour offers. By implication, this part of life cannot be shoved aside or ignored as it affects livelihood and survival.

As critical as this aspect of life is, there are parts for us to follow but many parts are not in our total control – your job will be directed by the Management of the organization, marketforces, policies and the superiors in their diverse variants. The workplace can be tough and many issues staring us in the face. What do we then do to get the best of our working life and not be at the mercy of others? Sometimes you can choose, other times you don’t have that privilege. Do you then ask yourself who do I really want to work for? The answer is Work for yourself!!

Yes, you heard me! Work for yourself!!
The best mode to be on the job whether on your business as an entrepreneur or as an employee: wear the cap of working for yourself striving to have personal results, seeing every opportunity as a step forward and every challenge as capacity building. When you work for yourself, your attitude and disposition changes.

This week I challenge you to WORK FOR YOURSELF and see the difference in your attitude and results.🎯✍

Feel free to share and repost.

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