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May 12, 2018
Slavery Or Childhood
May 28, 2018

TGIF, I mean TGIS. . .
Yeah, its been a roller coaster, been quite busy and I kept writing in my mind,why he hustle of the week did not allow me to finish this. And finally, on my sofa with my fingers scribbling away, here we are. The long awaited weekend has come and its fast running out.
The whole weekend idea, still wonder how it all started! I shall do a research and surely share here one of these days. Most people believe it starts on Friday and I still wonder how? The mantra of TGIF confirms that though.
The mantra TGIF has come a long way from the history of chain of restaurant that is tagged T.G.I. Fridays and a defunct American TV weekly program on ABC. The two sources at different point had to rename or defend the TGIF expression. Restaurant referred to the acronym T.G.I. Fridays as “Thank Goodness Its Friday” while TV sitcom that held every Friday in the 90’s claimed their own TGIF as “Thank Goodness Its Funny”. Asides from these two different descriptions by two institutions, the global public has its own mantra with meaning and definition for social mindset which is based on perception of fun, relaxation and “shut-down mode”. Perhaps, the meaning is transferred or implied from the two existing sources of restaurant and TV program respectively, we are not certain but not unlikely.
To the public, the conflicting description by the two business sources does not in anyway influence the generally acceptable mantra. The acronym TGIF in some parlance is simply -Thank God Its Friday while some folks will change the God to Goodness for political correctness (wondering why though?). The essence still Centre’s around fun and relaxation and for that, it has gained so much popularity.
By the way, why do we have TGIF mantra only been linked to the close of work week on Fridays? Has anyone ever given thought to a Saturday mantra?! “Thank God It’s Saturday” And why not?!
In all, the amazing lesson I have learnt as I have engaged my mind in thought is that some people have capacity to create trends but no one can imagine the end of such trend from when it begins. The ability to create new ideas, designs or new ways of doing things that is projected to the world remains the sure way to create styles and trends. While people create new solutions and new ideas, they often end up creating a style, a trend unknowingly. Irrespective of the nomenclatures we create on any idea, piece of work or design, the world on the other hand will always have its own views, perception and opinion.
The question then is; does personal views and the other’s opinion ever align? Should they? Must they? Can the opinion, perception of others be a true picture or idea of self? When it does not, what then happens?
Many times in life we are faced with taking a stance and making decisions, we will need to answer honestly this personal self examination questions about others opinion and perception.

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