The Butterfly Nature

Transferred Fear – Part II
May 1, 2018
May 27, 2018

The Butterfly Quote

Butterfly is an amazing nature’s creation in our world. We think of this wonder of nature more for the beauty – the colour, the shape, the motion and all. Have you ever given further thought on a butterfly’s lifecycle?
“Butterfly is only the current name, it sure has a past and definitely a future.”
The past of the butterfly is the creature called caterpillar, cannot think of a better adjective than ugly! This creature wriggles its way into being, giving you goose bumps at the sight. it is a ‘Becoming phase’ as it was never designed to end the cycle of life. The ugliness gives way to beauty after some division, integration and physiological processes as preset by its maker. The caterpillar would have gone bunkers if it ever had a mirror to behold itself while the glimpse of the future of becoming a butterfly would have been much of sleek image compared with the current.
The current nomenclature as we see of butterfly connotes beauty. Usually beautiful, bold, bright and multiple colors, with wings creatively patterned as net. The nature’s wonder flaps its wings up and down in swift motion and flies around perching and romancing the floral community from one flower unto another.
The butterfly transitions from an immediate past of being a caterpillar into the beauty of nature and also as a pest of nurture. And all these transition and phases are all just natural and physiological! They happen in their time. The caterpillar burst into a butterfly by nature’s process, however, the butterfly pollinating the flowers require effort, effort in searching; discovering; perching on flowers and pulling out the pollen grains. The butterfly in its blossoming and beauty jnravelling season will be perceived as having mastered “Becoming” not knowing all the changing forms and shapes was part of the package.
Our life cycle, phases and events can very much be like that of butterfly. We go through phases in life, sometimes, just unassuming and uncomely when beauty or success may be a distant adjective just as it might have been for the caterpillar.
Whatever phase we are now, there will surely be a need to always be and stealthily move upward. If all you see now and the phase you are is the caterpillar phase, close it back and don’t open till you see butterfly bursting out of the caterpillars it can be. See the future of beauty and the beauty of the future, it is all interwoven and if you are already at the butterfly phase of life, don’t be afraid of your cycle. Savour the beauty, the stage and state, be grateful, spread the love and build a nature of nurture just like the butterfly. . .


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