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February 23, 2016
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April 19, 2016

Happy Easter to you all!
Year in year out, festivities like Easter, Christmas and a whole lot others are historic, relived and celebrated. The Easter season for the Christians describes the historic crucifixion and resurrection which connotes a positive transition that divinity seeks to achieve with humanity.

Unraveling what the Christian faith holds as the basis of their belief continues to be a mystery to many. While some hold in high contention and opposition the content and validity of the basis, many just shrug the thought of its reality away.

I attempt to juggle my personal bias as it relates to my faith with morality and simplicity and I found that our world is in dire need of the many values and lessons that the crucifixion and resurrection story teaches, the deficit of those values in our world remains the source of our greatest challenge globally and locally.

The series of events spanning over 72 hours that seemed like eternity of suffering and agony had the following values embossed on it : –

– Overriding people-driven vision
– Selfless love
– Submission
– Endurance
– Sacrifice
– Hope
– Mercy

As a student of life, a professional and an entrepreneur, I have observed that life lessons are embedded in all of events of our lives: past and present; history, fiction and real life. The strong values highlighted above are relevant and applicable to individuals and corporately, to personal and public lives. When you think of crucifixion and resurrection, consider it as living and dying for something. 
Happy Easter once again!

Olubamike Oluyemisi Fadipe is a writer with a passion to inspire, impact and motivate.
Email:                   Twitter: @Bankysanya

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