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April 8, 2018
“Transfered Fear” – True Story
April 22, 2018
The gush of emotions that flush at any and every first events cannot be quantified. From first day at a new place of work; first day of starting a business, a project or a venture; first day after graduating or completion of “NYSC” 😎; even first day of being married too. . .
The mixed feelings of fear of known and unknown, of uncertainty of all you have heard and thought of, countless events that happened to some, could happen but usually never happens! !
Experiencing something significantly positive for the first time puts such experience and event as success, memorable and ‘celebrateful’. The emotions of achievement lands as a retrospective assessment after all has been said and done and the greatest fear never materialised. In life, everyone runs their race, stays on their lane, and savours their progress and success.
There is no award for who went forward first, who had an experience first or who did what first and so no competition in the concept of progress in life, success story or how far forward. Every man is celebrated when their own season comes. Every man’s forward is his progress and it is a unique walk.


The route to progress in reality is in infinitum – endless, the real deal therefore is to:-
Daily catch a breath;
Think forward;
Scratch head when you need to;
Act forward;
Face your front;
Take a step;
A deep breath;
And then another step;
And then a breath
And then another. . .
A step at a time keeps the heart pumping and keeps the body in motion.
There are ceilings to be broken, glasses to be shattered, barriers to be overcome, so go ahead and just do the do.
Watch out for the next post on this page, I will share a personal story on my discovery of “Transfered fear“, what it is and how to overcome.
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