The True Self. . .
April 22, 2019
Work For Who❓
May 6, 2019

We were raised to be our best and still be humble, taught not to sing our praises and not to speak too highly of ourselves as that might come across as proud and haughty. We were advised to keep it low, softly and quiet. By implication, we hardly use adjectives to describe ourselves.

When we get to the point where critical decisions are made, where the rubber hits the road, where great assets are allocated, the lot and the greater lots get to the loud-mouthed and the sweet-mouthed; it’s not a game, its real!

Interviews, business presentations, transactions, negotiations and lifelong relationships are only earned on the altar of self-selling. Imagine if you keep your mouth closed all day and at all times, what will happen after a number of days of stasis ~ smelly mouth, low energy and stasis.

If you don’t speak for you, who will? The only time people speak gleefully about others is at their funeral. So, its your job and assignment to speak for yourself while you are alive. If you are given five minutes to talk about yourself, what will you say? The best and most effective description ever about you will be the ones thought out, accepted, known and written about you! If you don’t know where you are with clarity, figuring where to be will be an endless tunnel.

As April winds up and quarter two is unfolding, what will you say, write and declare about you? Practise selling you to you.

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