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November 12, 2018
The Flipside of Motivation
December 3, 2018

Welcome to Monday

All these motivational people will not stop harassing us with the “goal bug and buzz” ~
“write your goals”
“2018 is almost gone”
“2019 beckons”
“35 days to the end of the year” . . . But why?
Everyone spews the word out like its easy to do with the many epistles and rants on many blogs, newsletters, emails, classes, conferences, webinars and the list on and on . . .Sometimes I wonder, do they all do what they say? Do people generally walk their talk?. . I imagine if everyone does this goal thing, the whole world by now should be filled with good things of life, great achievements and success littering everywhere, and infact, success should be like “blings” with glitters all over blinding everyone’s eyes😘.
So, lets come back to real life here with real people and real issues including the goal bug issue: The real reason why the goal seems like a bother is because it takes us out of our comfort zone, it makes heavy demand on our faculty, it engages us in active thinking and saps a lot of energy from our thinking faculty, throwing us into an architectural world of our minds building castles and mansions with a hope that our imagination can download, interprete and implement the edifice of our imagination but I ask – Is there any other way or options of getting ahead without setting goals, planning and hopefully acting? . . .🎯 I do not know of any🤔 sad?! You are wondering which side am I now? Certainly on your side!
Infecting you with this bug is not deliberate but I regret to say it is a real healthy bug, please get bitten and infected towards getting the 2019 of your dreams. Have you realised that healthy and really good things are tough to do? And so I’m appealing, #justdoit!
There is no fixed template, don’t be bamboozled, do it however it works for you! If you like, make a checklist, picturesque, graph or in figures, just write out what you need to be, need to have and need to do for the 2019 of your dreams. . . Its a tough choice but that is just it. . .!
In the next post, I’ll share a simple template that we can use to set goals and plan for the new year.
As you start to do, do have a most rewarding week.
As always wishing you good success.

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