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March 11, 2019
What is flying, What is Staying?
March 25, 2019

There has been so much rave on the social media over the “You smell nice interview saga” and the public has put so much to laugh about out there. While the conversation still serves as a relief comic to many, there are points of concerns that should be noted.

I have seen many narratives and differing perspectives – judging the interviewee for lack of discretion while others judged the interviewer for being overly reactive. The learning points for job seekers whose interests and rights are are at stake here on how informal could a formal interaction get is still hanging💁‍♂️.

A quote by an unknown author says – “In recruiting, there are no good or bad experiences, just learning experiences”. Every job interview is a unique interaction that cannot be compared to another, no matter how hard you read and prepare, it’s still a function of two main factors among others – the recruiters perception and the interviewee’s attitude which are both discretionary. The interaction and interception of the two factors generate a code that determines the outcome and success of the interview.

There’s no one size fits all response, there are however general standards of humanity and value for people which should reflect in any form of human interaction, formal, semi-formal or informal.

On many fronts, the Human Resource practise in our clime has been greatly influenced by cultural, environmental and socio-economic factors which all points to a level of depravity and depreciation in humanity. Recruiters find themselves overwhelmed with the level of unemployment and many take advantage of such situation with the prospective candidates stifled and sometimes bullied.

Hard truth is: the recruiter wont remember every candidate interviewed but the likelihood of the interviewee remembering who, circumstances and details of interaction is very high. The path of humanity and value for people is not readily trodden but can certainly be a sure path to personal peace, branding, integrity and reputation for the organization.

Matthew Jeffrey of SAP has this to say “Recruitment is marketing, if you are a recruiter and you dont see yourself as a marketer, you are in the wrong profession”


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