The making of the new year.

Life: A pen on paper
December 1, 2016
Bankysanya: Life: A pen on paper
January 4, 2017
The year is gradually winding down and the new year waits with arms akimbo! This Christmas season must have been for me the most unusual. No Christmas decorations, no lightnings, no chicken slaying, no cakes and creams, no special rice combination cooking and all the ‘accessories’ that goes with party rice and the euphoria of yuletide season! To think that I missed all these without an iota of guilt is still amusing as I’ve had a handful of unprecedented events one after the other taking away the familiar and the usual. The current year has been particularly unusual too with so much ups and downs, really tough times laced with trimmings of good times, seasons of laughter and melancholy seasons, uncertain times and hopeful times, times of high and low energy. Despite all, it’s still a privilege to be alive with hope for tomorrow and the morrow after which will then be the new year! The year winds down irrespective of the bliss, woes, gains or losses in 2016. 
The year 2017 will gallantly arrive and catch up without restraints. Last minutes preparation is not too late for an inevitable journey. The privilege to author our lives is inherent and cannot be taken away. It’s time to do the unusual and forge on new terrains. Forget about all the goal setting classes that makes “new year resolutions” look so scary. Take a clean notepad, detail key areas of life, draw or create the imaginary and desirable pictures, acts and scenes of the new year. (The Quadrant below might be useful). 


The principle of life is first in, then out. So, it’s critical to focus energy and investment on internal personal development as you cannot offer what you don’t have. Then focus on the means to the end. It’s important to have mental note of those dreams, goals, plans and visions and it’s more important to take a further step to hold self accountable to those big dreams and plans by writing down note. Identify the aspects of life, the desired outcome and activities to be channeled for the end result. Keep it simple, draw three columns – one column for what you want, second for what you need and the third for what you need to do to get what you want or need in every aspect of life. Draw up a personalized plan and keep updating as the year progresses. 
This is not a time to guilttrip of what is not, what could have been or what should have been and all that. It’s time to hop on the hope lane, stay aware, alive, agile and active to self, dreams and plans. It’s not a time to stay on the usual path, doing what you know how to do best! No way! If that was not enough for 2016, then you need much more for 2017. The difference between where we are and where we are going is hidden in knowledge gap – “what we know and who we know”! It’s time to dig the ground of knowledge, ask, explore, learn, know and seek wisdom like you wanna breathe!
The year 2017 is the now and so deserves so much! The new year will require the ability to discern what’s needed for success; the determination to start on the dreams and plans no matter how big; the consistency to stay true from start to finish; the serenity to adapt to shortcomings whenever they surface and the tenacity to stay active and agile on the dream 2017 from January to December and beyond. Wishing you the most interesting journey in 2017 and a year filled with achievements, bliss, fortune, hope, opportunities, wealth and good success.
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