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August 1, 2016
Mirror Hack Series 2
September 18, 2016
I decided to share my heart again here, I must say it’s been a while here. . . I choose not to accept any excuse from my witty mind that will transfer the thought to my tongue, rather I’ve accepted the lapse and I’m promising to turn on an improved self leaf to my readers and be more forthcoming on this page. Seriously, it’s time to be serious with seriousness. . .😎👀
Few weeks ago, I had a spontaneous conversation with my girl on her looks and the use of a mirror, I marveled at her opinion on the purpose of a mirror, the conversation left me in deep thoughts long after and I chose to keep the lessons in the fore of my mind as they didn’t leave me!
As we dressed up for a weekend event, all rushing to set out fast in the midst of so much fuss (you all can guess how fussy parents with girls can be on dressing up, from points like the general outlook, color combination, gait, general carriage, accessories and so on), my older daughter wanted to dress up pretty faster so she could outshine all of us and be the first in the ‘dressing competition’, she popped up with her unique witty grin and a forming ‘gap tooth’ – I’ve finished!
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I looked up and wasn’t as excited seeing her hair wasn’t in the best shape, I noticed few locks of her braided hair were out of place and not well packed making her look untidy and I told her to get that done as fast as possible! Just out of curiosity, I asked why she didn’t bother to check the mirror to see her final look. She simply responded with an unassuming look that if she had checked the mirror, she wouldn’t have come first in the ‘dressing competition’ and she startled me by telling me that the purpose of the mirror is not just to check one’s looks but to fix the looks and ensure it meets the desirable and that would have taken more time!
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I paused for a long while allowing those words to sink into me, I played it out in my mind over and over and those thoughts and the lessons popping up just didn’t leave me as I could picture both a physical mirror that focuses on physical outlook and appearance and a mental mirror that reflects the inner person and parts; so I thought to share here my thoughts on mirror (mirror here referring both to physical mirror and a mental mirror but more of mental mirror):~
The purpose of a mirror is not just to check the looks but to fix the looks: if you must stand in front of a mirror, make sure it’s to make you have the desirable look! Face yourself and make adjustments where needed.


▪ Whatever you see in the mirror can always be better! If it’s bad, make it good, If it’s good, make it better, if it’s getting better, work at making it best!


▪ When you are so focused on competing with others, you’ll lose sound assessment of self, your outlook, sometimes personal identity and opportunities to improve and get better.


▪ The time you’ll require to fix the physical looks and the emotions reflected in the mirror isn’t a waste, it’s worth it.



▪ The next time you want to take that quick glance at a mirror, don’t rush! Use it as an opportunity to straighten up or brazen up to that desirable person you’re becoming.


To inspire, impact and empower making everyday count. . .
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