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April 4, 2017
Leaning forward
June 9, 2017
After a very busy day at work, one sunny afternoon, we decided to celebrate a colleague’s birthday trying to catch our fun as a team despite the work schedule. We had shared chops, drinks and we went ahead to add the last complement of a typical birthday which is posing for the pictures to show the ‘I was there’ stunts. We started with the celebrant device which gave us a fairly good outlook with different postures and dramas, we snapped with yet another device and yet another since our mobile device has replaced many aspects and devices of the past like a camera. Just from the blues,  the big boss just flashed out ‘His gadget’ as it will be disrespect to call that ‘techy’ device a phone, click.  . . click.  .  .  we all heard still with our ongoing drama, poses and voila! No doubt, we all saw the phone as superior and a very “correct phone”, the click of the camera sounded same, with same #Selfie modes to snap the pictures. .  .  But the end product, seemed too good to be real –   Crisp, felt like it was embedded on the screen! And for a split second, i wasnt sure what I looked like again if that was me in the shot or someone else as I looked like a celebrity. My brain took up the adjective mode, I felt beautiful, my self and colleagues, we all definitely felt that beauty oozing from the activity of a superior camera or phone?! Not sure any longer cos crisp looking pictures they were!


My typical mind went in active and thoughtful mode since that time on the concept of photography and how different devices can create so different an outlook and quality; the perception of beauty and the feel of it left all of us with: the feeling called superb!!

As a matter of fact, the folks in the photo shoot  on the different devices remained the same in appearance, the clothes, the colour, the mood and the aura for the pose; nothing changed but in real sense and real terms, something changed that eventually altered the final outlook and appearance and that’s the aperture and pixel rating of the lenses on the camera which changed the mutual interaction of light and the images.
How does this apply to our daily living before you think this is about photography: Every human event, interaction and circumstances are like photoshoot. We live, act and express our expectations of life, our circumstances and other people based on perspectives: what we see, how we see and the medium through which we are seeing. The final outcome is a function of multiple interactions of ‘intensity of light’ and the quality of our lenses. Perspective is the inner lens with which we view life and shoot to the field of life, the quality of the lens determine the quality of our outlook and the final outcome on many fronts. While you need one to survive, endeavour to give room for other people’s perspective. For the many photoshoots life have offered you, you had better dorn a sharp lens on your inner camera and see yourself as a gorgeous masterpiece in the hand of your maker. You might not have taken full round shape, check out and be grateful for the octagon you are forming. Remember as a man thinketh, so is he!
Our vision is to inspire, impact and empower: making everyday count. . .
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