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June 17, 2019
The Commerce Eyes
July 1, 2019

This thought came to mind this morning and I decided to share here.🤔

When you put together these four (4) letters ~ T W S O Do they make any sense to you just by looking at them? Not likely as the words don’t seem to be adding up for proper pronunciation. So what happens? Leave it as it is, rework and solve the puzzle?

We will only be able to make any sense of it when we start to assess, rearrange and reposition those words in our minds, then we begin to have meanings. So with the inflexion of our minds, thoughts and concentration, we attempt a rearrangement and repositioning of the letters – T W S O can then become TOWS, STOW, SWOT, WOST as we like.

Real life can be so much like a puzzle in every aspect. We then need to have scheduled time that we do a periodic assessment, rearrangement and repositioning.

This might be a great time to get started. . . It will be midyear in 1 week and the year practically splits into two equal halves as July beckons. So I’m sharing today a conversation I had with a group of professionals on Career SWOT and having a Workplan, it’s about 6 mins conversation, listen to this here 👉 Career Conversation with Bankysanya

As you listen, take the next step in preparation for the next phase of 2019.

Hope you find this helpful? Give feedback.

Feel free to share your thoughts, opinions, feedbacks and comments below 👇

✍With Love ✍
~ Olubamike {Bankysanya™ }

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