The race for life

Welcome to 2018
January 1, 2018
Family Affair. . .
February 13, 2018
The uncountable posts, countless articles and broadcasts all keep flogging same subject, same topic and same issue!
Almost every post now seem to be pointing at same direction and trending same concept in different words ~ New Year, Dreams, Goals, Plans, Vision, Ideas, Starting, Doing! Its looking like there is no hiding place for this concept o.  .
And so everytime you see one of such posts, something in you feel uneasy, checking you with reality especially when the current circumstance, few weeks gone and previous year have not been so impressive. The good thing is you are alive and still so much life has to offer.
Truth is, 2018 has come to stay and its for real, it only just feels like few days after Dec. 31 2017. The year seem to need time to unfold and for real we are in the fourth (4th) day of the second month and thirty-five (35) days gone already!
So many instructions, steps, guides, trainings, activities, all on same subject matter and you sometimes wish you have the mirror to see the future and a script of life drama and events so you’ll  be sure of what you need to get done. Albeit, Get all you can and can all you get.  .   .
Essentially, everyone needs to run their race, thread on unusual terrain to achieve what eventually becomes the desirable results.
You gotta run your race for life, for living, for survival, for achievement, for reward, fulfillment and for destiny.
You never know which of the many races will win the trophy, but you keep running.
You dont know which of many seeds sown will yield bounty harvest, but you keep sowing.
Just keep running, keep sowing and keep keeping on.
You will get there!
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