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The engine called STRENGTH
February 12, 2019
Self Leadership Vs Self Government
February 25, 2019

Before now, expiration only applied to food, drugs and few household items, but now it applies to animated versions and parts. In humans, when a part of the body is not exercised and put to regular use, it becomes flaccid, lose life, tone and vigor, reduces in size, muscle and in weight. Same applies to skills: an unused skill loses relevance.

Skills are like the digital applications consistently requiring “updates” what you thought was relevant last year is fast becoming outdated. It gets so bad that when updates is required on some devices and you ignore, you will keep having error feedback, hitches and glitches, sometimes a total shutdown. The communication of the error feedback and glitches is simply that your usage has expired.

In practically every aspect and sphere of life, rapid changes are consistently occurring. Before you open your eyes and close, there is a new addition, a new improvement, a new technology or another twist introduced to what you were familiar with. What you think is the peak of the pack today with so much hype is fast becoming outdone. One of the reasons why training and retraining is critical for personal development.

The race for relevance then becomes keen and tough and you have choices to make and keep making. The world of technology in particular is the greatest albatross in this aspect. Before you celebrate a newly formed device too much, the superior version is already flaunted in your face.

The next decade will be eventful in the aspects of skills, relevance, jobs and technology. Many abilities, skills and jobs will be redefined with artificial intelligence. It is crucial to keep up with the updating race for relevance in career or business leveraging on the many platforms and potentials available. The race is real, don’t ignore this email! Check yourself and run a quick analysis to see how awake and relevant you are in your career or business. This will help

This race is not competition with others, its competition with yourself!

Wake up and smell the coffee.

It’s a choice and a call.

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