The Race Towards Time.

The 2015 of your dreams. . .
January 1, 2015
Master the waves. . .
May 21, 2015
Just like every race whether on the track or in real life, the following combination of factors are essential and they positively point in the direction of success:-
~ Take-off point;
~ A lined/ focussed track;
~ A finishing tape;
~ A feasible speed range & limit where required;
~ A reward for the race.

All these factors put together make a race worth the effort and not to be left out is the 2015 race. This new year should not just move on the way every other year passed. If you had a few or much failure in the previous year, it’s a season to reposition for success and perhaps previous year was a good year, then make this new year better! This has got to be a year to keep fire under in order to keep active. New year resolutions are not made to be beautifully written with cursive handwriting in exquisite diaries! Resolutions are made to be understood, implemented and lived out!

The world around us isn’t getting better, it is becoming alarmingly unpredictable and some schools of thought believe it might not get better! Morals are fading, economies are failing, security very low, investments failing, governance costlier and in all ramification, fear for and of tomorrow keeps rising. Rather than moan on how bad the world gets, it’s the season to expend self on how we can get better and how our world can be better. 

The ides of every month in significant term divides the month into two and subtly connotes that the month is running to an end. The ides of January 2015 is fast gone and the year in a typical unassuming but progressive mode is fast running to an end. It’s safer not to take the drive for the year too lightly or too calmly, rather calculatively and conscientiously. 

Perhaps you are like me, energetically calculating how the personal/family budget estimate for this year shall be achieved with the numerous grandiose ideas in the sturdy spiral bound journal. The larger your needs, the larger you  need to chew with a hope to uptake nutrient and achieve good health. It will be inimical to reduce my apetite and my nutrient uptake because I am afraid to chew!  Kwashiorkor, lack and other disease then become the threat. And so in this year, chew on your ideas more than you can bite!

This is a year to try hands on  different things, do same things differently and see what life can be from a different lens till you get good outcomes. Learn a new skill – soft or hard; learn a new language; earn a new degree; acquire new qualifications; get the latest technology in your vocation; try a new idea; make money; start a new business; sell, sell and keep selling! 

A lot more of our articles in this new year will focus on business self help to build, inspire and motivate in business, career and life while we will keep up and hot with our vision of helping readers to make everyday living count for the desirable future.

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