The River called Forward

Daily Drucker Recap . . .
March 15, 2018
Face The Day. . .
April 8, 2018

A river by nature and some principle beyond it finds itself streaming forward even when its loaded with so much trash and garbage! The river will never change its course because of its experience, what they have thrown into it and all that it has seen, rather it keeps running its course carrying the garbage forward.  .  . I have never seen a river change its course and flow backward!!

Forward in life means different things to different people at different stage of life. For some folks, its promotion at work, for some its a job, some new house, a new car, a new relationship, a new spouse, new baby and for some new opportunity, new link, new customer, new platform or a new  business idea! Sometimes it might be expansion on what exists, intensity or increased opportunities for application on what obtains and or complete creation of the new!!! 
It is important to identify at this time one or two things that will mean forward, then roam it, ponder and think it through. For me at this time, forward will mean a level of redefinition for me in a desirable aspect of career and building of new and wider platform to project my skills and self (this will unfold in the next few weeks😎. I am super excited! Just keep a tab on this space. Greater times are ahead for our blog and page).
So whats yours? Another month and quarter beckons
Anything new to embark on?
What will the #ForwardProject be for the next month or quarter?
What skills would you need to project? 
What part of self would you need to project?
THINK! ! !


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