Run YOU like an institution🤳
January 28, 2019
Grow through. . .
February 4, 2019

The number two (2) can mean many things all at the same time, it can mean a position, double in multiples, a chance or a quantity. Whatever that counts for, here we are running on second chance, the second lap in 2019. It is no longer a new year, we are already very familiar, resolutions running by if they are still in shape.

February has so much potentials, it offers a season of recovery from the demands of an outgoing and an incoming year in terms of expenses and financial state. It is like a second chance at pulling intentional strings for the new year.

Before diving deep into the second chance mode, assess and review, then plan and plunge. Second chance should not be allowed to slip by. It is a privilege to be alive.

Fall in love with you and life, live February deeply.

Cheers to second chance in 2019.

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