Journey from zero
March 4, 2019
The Interview Code
March 18, 2019

The process of waiting on anything or for anything at all can be trying, energy sapping, frustrating and can be a huge deal!

You wait for a job application to sail through to interview stage, an interview to lead to job offer, a business to yield good profit and returns, a contract to be approved, a deal to sail through, a much desired promotion to sail through, a proposal to gain attention for approval, a new product to become a brand, a service to gain acceptability and awareness.

While we wait, we hope, we pray, we expect things to happen someway, somehow. When we don’t see the results of our waiting on time, we get wearied and worried. Waiting period sometimes has nothing to do with being enough or qualified, but it is certainly about time or WHEN. Waiting is a life and time process that helps to qualify and redefine the depth, direction and intensity of our needs.

Waiting is a life zone that will cast its shadow on our path at one time in life or the other. Whenever that happens, the principle of managing the waiting zone is the same irrespective of what you are waiting on or for. The preparation for the waiting before waiting starts help to align emotions with the process and so here are things one can do to help in the waiting zone.

  • First is have a plan for the waiting including the WHO will you talk to about the waiting that can help or fasttrack it? WHAT is the waiting really for? WHAT are you expecting and WHAT are you ready to give up? Is it worth it? HOW long are you willing to wait?
  • Second, have a plan for HOW to react and WHAT to do if and when waiting doesn’t yield returns.
  • Third as you wait, focus on the goal of the wait, refocus on the big picture, then focus on linking the big picture and the goal of the wait.

While you wait for that “miracle” this new week, focus, refocus, then adjust where necessary.

Have a goal smashing week ahead.

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