“Transfered Fear” – True Story

The Fuss of the First. . .
April 16, 2018
Transferred Fear – Part II
May 1, 2018
In my last post, I talked about “Transfered fear” and my recent experience.
Transfered fear in this context will be described as the level of anxiety, feeling of inadequacy (cold feet or reservation) you have from taking a step, an action, engaging in a task, a project or an assignment as a result of views, perceptions and opinions of others. Their views, perceptions and opinions are formed based on their care, concerns, myths and past experiences which is then passed to others in the circle of influence. It is in reality an unintentional limitation passed on.
For instance, some parents never allow their children to swim because they have heard stories of children who died due to that or they just have phobia for water and this is transfered to their children by restricting them from every attempt and opportunities. Some parents never allow their teenagers to drive early or travel to distant land for the same reason. Sometimes, the fear could be transfered from spouse, friends or from a revered personality characteristically out of legitimate care and concern.


My Quick Story:
Here is my story. . .
I always have need to make regular outstation trips which in a way has been structured to depend on an acquaintance (chaffeur) who helps out with such for a token. It somehow had become an unwritten rule. Many times I had desired and longed for an opportunity for the adventure of driving myself accross the highway but somehow, it never sailed through the “first reading” (Lol😎). 
Despite my resume of almost 40km daily commuting work to home for almost 10 years and gaining accolades on smart driving by friends and acquintances! I just could not convince some folks at the “domestic senate level” that I could sail through the highway gently and safely. There was a season that the agitation was intense and then after a while, the steam sublimed into a secret vision.
Then on this fateful occassion, the faithful ‘chaffeur’ disappointed in a most unpredictable way for a most crucial trip that is just 74km! And then we were faced with missing the all important event or daring to face the highway and then the so-much desired opportunity came suddenly to drive my crew on the journey! Rather than the excitement that should have filled the air, I practically had plapitations, an unusual discomfort and low confidence, I was not really sure I could do this afterall, I was uptight, unsure, fidgetty and gradually after a few attempt got a grip on myself till we got to our destination in less than an hour! 
The Moral of the Story: 
●We oftentimes need circumstances and opportunities that will push us to reveal our innermost competencies.
●The alternative option to fear is almost always brighter.
●  What you fear most usually never happens
●Desiring something so badly doesn’t necessarily equate to having it easy.
As if that was not enough, a repeat of same occassion played out in quick succession.
Watch out for the rest of the story in the next post. . .
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