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July 22, 2019
How Are You Handling Your “FOMO”❓
August 12, 2019

Sometimes last year I shared in one of my posts how corporations and institutions run in order to create room for expansion and improvement. I also shared how we can run our personal lives like an institution. This is based on my personal belief that my life is an entity and an institution that is unfolding gradually, this is not for bragging purposes, it is the truth‼ I have many departments and units that run concurrently and so I am committed to living consciously and intentionally to allow every part to run at their best.

My life has a vision and a mission that I live for, that is documented, clearcut, well understood by me and absolutely giving direction to everything I do. I have core values that I live by and it is clearly documented. Not fun following sometimes but having a bigger cause to hold yourself up to is a higher calling.

I remember an instance when lady Chubby (My. Lil PA) was going to High School and I made her go through my core values (our core values as a family), initially she laughed because up until that time, it was never a document, it was just like some instruction we dole out time in time out. . . I kept my straight face, made her go over and over till I she picked up with same serious stance. She took her copy to school and we reviewed at every instance.

Why I’m I sharing this today?

I have met many great minds with lofty ideals and ideas in their minds, the last time I chat with them, it’s still in the same location – their minds….. doing nothing, becoming nothing and converting to nothing.

The same principle for your business irrespective of the scale it runs on currently. Whether side hustle, solopreneur, one-man battalion, 5 or 20 employees, in fact, you are the only staff: Why should you write? Who are you writing for? I hear these all the time. Turn unscripted to scripted.
For the future 6 months, 5 years or 10 years team or employees. WRITE, READ, SAY IT and SOAK the meanings in. As a man thinketh, so is he and so he becomes. The earlier you document, the earlier and better you build capacity to do more and be more.

Have a Splendid August.

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