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October 15, 2016
Maya’s Golden words. . .
November 3, 2016
A couple of weeks back, a friend of mine put up on social media group thought-provoking questions on articulating and auditing our belief patterns. The questions she posed revolve around a tripod stand – GOD, BUSINESS, MONEY and I’ve chosen to add PEOPLE on the second leg. It is believed that what we believe, imbibe and do about these key points will go a long way to determine how we fare in life.
I have begun my own journey into the audit exercise, it’s ongoing. Find below my attempt at the exercise, its definitely not a standard nor is it final! As I learn and know more in life, I believe that my belief patterns also will be updated. 
As a man thinketh in his heart, so is he”

These are the points for thoughts:~

  • Identify Five (5) personal beliefs about GOD.
  • Identify Five (5) personal beliefs about PEOPLE.
  • Identify Five (5) personal beliefs about BUSINESS.
  • Identify Five (5) personal beliefs about MONEY
Personal beliefs about GOD:  
  • I believe God is all in all, creator of heaven, the earth all that is in it and all that will yet be, He is alpha and omega, the beginning and the end.
  • I believe Jesus Christ is the beloved son of God given up for our sake in order to gain life here and yonder (eternal life).
  • I believe God’s passionate love is expressed through His Holy Spirit, He’ll not allow us fall or falter and when we do, He picks us up.
  • I believe I am Christ’s and Christ is for me and I have same authority and victory that He earned, not by works but by grace.
  • I believe God has His plan for our lives and He’s got unique deals He unravels by and by.
Personal beliefs about PEOPLE:  


  • I believe people – humans were created in God’s image and likeness and have same invaluable worth of life irrespective of color, race or ethnic group.
  • I believe what we become is not a function of color, race or ethnic group but a function of level of knowledge and depth of opportunities.
  • I believe every human is made of more and made for more!
  • I believe we were created to belong at home; with families, friends and folks and our best is when we are at peace with all.
  • I believe the best style for living is loving.
  • I believe existence and survival of every institution, system and group can only thrive with people 

Personal beliefs about BUSINESS

  • I believe that ideas and visions rule the world and that businesses are a by-product of ideas.
  • I believe for every idea and vision, there is provision; the beginning of wealth is identifying people’s needs as stimulus for ideas and solutions generation in exchange for currency.
  • I believe that solution to diverse human needs are hidden in humans and that we all have significant contribution to offer as solutions to the myriads of problems now and in the future.
  • I believe success is never ending and failure is not final, with continuous innovation, invention and creativity, the world will keep going round!
  • I believe that every enterprise and business is to be worked at, built upon, structured, organized and recreated for sustainability, systems and processes. I love order and structure!
Personal beliefs about MONEY.
  • I believe money is a tool. Money has no character, it takes on the character of the holder.
  • I believe money answers all things but cannot replace all things.
  • I believe the absence and lack of money (poverty) is the foundation of many vices.
  • I believe the volume of money one will have is dependent on the size of problem s/he is willing to solve, solve big problem and earn big.
  • I believe true wealth cannot be gotten from monthly wage or salary! Riches and wealth come from cumulative of consistent and progressively increasing earnings, streams of income (active, passive & residual), returns on investments, savings.
These exercise feels like an opportunity to articulate values system and keep it as an active reminder. And as the end of season for 2016 rounds up and 2017 beckons. Let’s start thinking, let’s start seeing and let’s start doing. . . 
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