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November 15, 2016
Life: A pen on paper
December 1, 2016
Many waters has passed under the bridge for many folks in this year 2016. For the many ups and downs, defining moments, positive and otherwise, and it’s fast rolling away! (Sigh.  .  .). As good as it sounds that 2016 is making a grand exit, it also can be a little bit scary as the patiently awaited year 2017 strolls in. For the many plans and miracles we have waited for that is yet to come, don’t lose heart. For lost opportunities and failed attempts, there has to be yet another attempt. For disabilities and many disadvantages that may have showed due to how things turned out in the year whichever area of life whether economic which seems to hold true for most folks or career, family and etc. It’s definitely not the end of the tunnel.

Today, I like you to watch this 4mins 15 secs video of Saqib Shaikh of Microsoft, a guru in artificial intelligence, who deployed cognitive computing, image recognition and mobile headset technologies to resolve the problem of his personal disabilities (all these jargon simply means he helped himself to overcome his blind state). Forbes had this to say about him ~ “Blind software developer Saqib Shaikh uses an artificial intelligence headset to capture images of the world around him and process them in order to understand what is happening”.

The first adjective that comes to mind to describe where he is coming from would have been blind as he was born blind, but I’ll rather prefer another adjective like “perceptive” that will best describe his present state based on the new opportunity he has been able to create for himself and for many others like him. He worked around the disadvantage and disability which in our clime could have turned him to a street beggar. He used his passion, skill and opportunity to create an application that makes his life and many others better. He didn’t become object of sympathy. I have watched this video for God knows how many times now and every time I’ve been shirked up, I keep seeing many more things that I have working for me better than Saqib. It’s already on my favourite list. If Saqib can, I can also!
For you, my readers today, the challenge is to look around us for those disabilities and disadvantages, those skills lying fallow, that past glory that’s fast fading, that dying desire and abilities and that passion needing flaming, all that has been lurking around for so long!
To all those things listed above, the questions to find answers to are:- What can be done about them? more importantly, How can it be done? Most importantly, When? I left out Who because the first person to help self is self. Robert Schuller says “Tough times never last but tough people do”. Life might seem or feel rough, then we’ve gotta become tough. Building the tough mode requires a lot of sharpening of rough edges. One of the high points that becomes paramount for 2017 is increasing income in this times of ever increasing costs. And honestly, 2017 has already started in my mind, January 1 will be too late to start. So I’m on a journey of reinventing self to add all forms of value, hoping you don’t mind to do same, if you don’t, then let’s hop on the train and keep moving till we get there!
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