Leaning forward
June 9, 2017
The race for life
February 4, 2018
It has been an aye on this platform.
And new stuffs has got to unfold. 
New vibes released.
New stories unfold in living.
New visions and creations.
We are redirecting our focus so we can focus on our focus.

So here comes 2018 gallantly!

2017 simply expired and refused to be tied down with all its glory, achievements, beauty, blessings, gains, shortcomings, pains, hurts, losses and blows. The year simply obeyed the call of nature without constraints. 
We havent been in 2018 before, not a glimpse or inkling of how it will run save for the hope and faith that 2018 brings with it brighter days, greater grace and better rewards.
You must have received so many messages, posts and wishes for the new year. 
So we just want to say to you that you refire, redirect, revive, rework all that you have planned to do.

In 2018 ~ I pray for grace, strength, help, comfort, bliss, peace, prosperity of body and soul for all.

May we have the serenity to let 2017 go with all its dealings and receive the treasures of 2018.
May we have the curiosity to explore the new year and all that it has in store.
May we have the tenacity to see, to start, to sustain, to hold on and dig deep into the treasures of  2018.
May we have the adaptability to be all we need to be and more as we sojourn in 2018.
2018 shall be Year of ~ 
New Births
New Beginnings
New Seasons, 
New Levels
New Doors/Platform
New Upgrade
New Heights
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