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July 8, 2019
Be Selfish!
July 22, 2019

There seems to be so much information and knowledge in the social media space. There is practically no aspect of life or subject matter that you won’t find information on if you ever bother to find out. Google has become a verb – “just Google it”.

The knowledge market is being disrupted and it is evolving. From traditional mode of communication and knowledge sharing to the digital and information. The disruption and evolution added opportunities not just for learning but also for earning.

I get emails and messages of people who read or listen to others who they perceive as experts, they are wowed and then conclude that what they know is irrelevant or doesn’t amount to much! I hear people say about themselves that they don’t know anything simply because of what someone else knows! “The truth about knowledge is that we know by learning and we learn by knowing”.

Knowing by learning is when you are at the receiving side, learning by knowing involves you applying and sharing with your environment what you already know which reinforces what you know and opens you up for more.

The downsides of feeling not enough is that such opinion keeps you on one side of learning. I have felt like that before, so I can relate with such opinion of self. Knowledge has levels and it’s never-ending. There is knowledge for everyone: if you are an expert, you will get your size and if you are upcoming, you have your own that matches with your level and status. You will always have around you people who have more knowledge and learning and on the other side, you will have others who are below you in knowledge.

Whether you are an an employee on a job, a starter, a subject matter expert, a coach, an employer or business owner; you certainly know something that someone needs.

So what do you know that you can share, pause and ponder! 🤔. I am certain someone needs your knowledge. . .

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