What is flying, What is Staying?

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March 18, 2019
April 1, 2019
In this age that social media presence and management is now a job on it’s own, a lot goes on in individuals personal social media space in terms of communication, exchanges and interaction. From the hot exchanges on issues, events, opinions, arguments, personalities and all from fashion, styles, entertainment, celebrity, gossips, politics, trends, events and etc. by majority. The millennials are most amazing in this regard as they are fast dominating the internet space.
To all the millennials, I am awed with how current and how in tune with trends, style, technology and fashion. The burst of energy and the challenge for the oldies is amazing. The concerns are if the burst of energy the millennials and the young at heart invested on the social media activities and presence will ever match that of career, jobs and enterprise?
The battle of social media versus self definition and projection will continue for a long while, as long as this space will continue to exist and majority will be bothered about having a presence, being heard or being loud. Individuals will be perceived and judged by their contributions, exchanges, interactions, pictures, posts, responses and words to other people now and in the future.
Every post on your page sits pretty and stays there like a voice speaking about you, for you or against you for as long as it is there right into the future! Our ONLINE POSTS are our WORDS raised to the power of 2! Before you post, pause and think of 10, 20, 30, 40 years down. . .

The world will remember the context of spoken words but will never forget the content and context of a written post as it is there etched on the hearts of the world.

Here is my fuss today and I hope it helps someone: Your online brand is shaping your career actively or passively representing you and telling the whole world about you while you are asleep. Latin wisdom quotes “Words Fly, Written Stays
So what is flying and what is staying about you❓
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