Quit The Blame Game 🎯
May 27, 2019
Change Strategy ♻️
June 10, 2019

How does it happen that our minds latch on things – people, places, events that we are becoming familiar with? The moment you buy a new car let’s say a red car, you will begin to find red car everywhere you go. The specification of the item stamps on our minds and we begin to relate with it in our minds.
In the same light, you go to a familiar area with new buildings and you start asking questions what was on this land space before… you might have to think hard or ask to get answers. Our minds capture, store and retain readily familiar information and details that strikes.

Sometimes we need to ask ourselves and audit what we see and what is familiar to us.

The other side of the coin is that as much as what we are familar catches our attention, we tend to stall on that level. We don’t often get tickled or inspired by what we are familiar with. Burst of energy and excitement flows on what is fresh, what is new. Getting your mind active for new direction, ideas and plans requires seeing, thinking and acting.

In the midst of our daily activities, what new thing will you love to do to ginger yourself up. What’s the new plan? What’s the new idea?

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