April 1, 2019
Be You‼
April 15, 2019

How did the previous week exercise of self introduction to self go? Did you realise how easy it is to describe others than it is to describe ourselves. I’m hoping we attempted the exercise.

Oftentimes, we describe ourselves by labels – what we do or who we were told to be, the circumstances we find ourselves or events that happen to us. We feel comfortable with an appellation or nomenclature especially for a job designation, perhaps because it feels cool….

At the end of the day, it won’t matter what we called everyone around us or what they labelled us, what will echo down the history pipeline and resonate in people’s mind is what we call ourselves at every instance we show up and everytime we put ourself forward.

The first time I had to answer the question of “What do you do now?” after I left my 9 – 5 job of over a decade and starting up as an HR Consultant, it was not as smooth as my typical assertive self would have dished out. In my previous employment, it was easier to describe myself by the designation my employer gave me and now, I have to call myself differently. Then I realized I had to redefine myself by who I am becoming professionally, beyond a designation!

The dilemma of label of what you do and who you are becoming will always clash in self introduction. This is because who you are becoming will always be larger but what you do will always fill the current vacuum.

Think about this: compare what you are called now with who you want to be. . . 🤔 how wide is the gap?

The real hustle is in bridging and filling the gaps.

So start filling the gaps of who you are becoming now✍🎯

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