Woman: The Journey from ‘Being’ to ‘Becoming’

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March 8, 2018
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March 9, 2018
As today marks the Women’s International Day, I celebrate the humans whose body goes through dramatic changes as much as their minds, spirit and soul yet unbroken, unbent with so much grace. I celebrate every girl, lady, sister, diva, woman, aunty, mother, grandmother cutting accross all facet – old, young, weak and strong. 



The journey to being a woman did not just happen at birth with different body parts, rather its a journey of birth, being and becoming. Its an evolving walk, just like a discovery station that has many channels with each unravelling itself with so much fuss and fun.

From birth to cradle, then toddling, all through the teens, adulthood, womanhood and motherhood, all quite dramatic and eventful with varying levels of action and stunts.

A toast to all your animations, drama, your fervor, your grace, your gait, your strength, your warmth, your vibes and your zest.
Happy Women’s International Day
“Being a female is by birth
Being a girl is by growth
Being a lady is by priming
Being a diva is by grooming
Being a mother is by providence
Being a woman is by choice
Being a matriach is by bravery
Being the best is by courage”
~ Bamike Fadipe
So grow, prime, groom, choose, brave up and be courageous. Celebrate yourself, love and pamper yourself on your journey from Being to Becoming.
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