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November 24, 2014
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January 1, 2015
Organizations all over the world irrespective of their size, status or staff strength observe the ‘end-of-year rituals’ characterised by meetings, reviews, retreats, trainings and planning. The ‘end-of-year ritual’ involves activities commonly associated with the end of year, this usually starts few months before or in the month of December.  There usually is a hype about the series of events and activities in this season from board meetings, appraisals/reward, assessment scoring/reviews, operational analysis, strategy development, reward for loyalty, end of year celebration and sometimes award giving. It usually is a cap on all that has transpired in the organization in the course of the year and preparedness for the coming year.

The ritual of outlined events form part of yearly activities for most organizations if not all. These activities put the one year activities in focus and help the organization to achieve the following:~
~ Identify growth and performance along various key indicators; 
~ Identify profit and profit making points; 
~ Assess stakeholders contribution and reward as necessary;
~ Also stakeholders assess performance with set objectives using varied indices
~ Analyze the financials ~ income/expenditure/investments
~ Identify the winning strategy;
~ Identify points of failure;
~ Review opportunities that lie ahead;
~ Identify new objectives for the new year;
~ Develop new strategies for the new objectives;
~ Break down objectives & strategies into tasks and activities;
~ Create timelines for set objectives

While many institutions and organizations carry these activities out on regular basis, in the same vein, individuals too need to perform the ‘end-of-year ritual’. 

Why should this be? 
Generally, in the transition between end of a year and beginning of the New Year, people usually have ‘New year resolutions’ which is list of ‘To-dos’ and ‘Not-to-dos’ similar to organizations and institutions, the difference is however in the highly structured plans, processes with clearly defined timelines, resources and defined expected outcomes geared towards achieving set objectives at all levels and in all aspect. 

And how can it be?
~ Relate your individual life, cycle, activities and lifestyle with that of an organization. 
~ Carry out a personal assessment and put your life forward for stakeholder’s assessment.
~ Do a SWOT {Strength/Weaknesses/Opportunities/Threats} analysis of your life across all areas/section – spiritual, personal development, career, finance, family, social/community contribution and etc. 
~ Sync the analysis of reality with what is desirable while placing immediate focus on what is achievable.

To make the New year resolutions more focussed, result-oriented, effective and efficient, create a YOU Incorporated!, a strategic review of YOU – Goals and detailed plans on how to achieve goals.

While you make final preparation for the new year; retreat, review, realign and refire for the new year.

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